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Day 2 Friday, October 19th, Location S, Research Pavilion, Rooms S.1.203/204

8:00                 Continental Breakfast

9:00                 Keynote Speaker

                          James Wells, CuSTOM, Cincinnati Children’s

                          GI Organoids in Development and Disease

9:45                 Discussion Panel: Challenges to Translate iPSC Technology,

                          Sponsored by STEMCELL Technologies, Moderator: Jim Wells, USA


10:30               Coffee Break


                        Session 1: Disease Modeling and Diagnostics, Sponsored by Hitachi AP

                        Moderator: Alison Weiss, CuSTOM, University of Cincinnati, USA


11:00              Cindy Osborn, Food and Drug Administration, USA

                        CMC Consideration in iPSCs Derived Cellular Products


11:20               Joseph Wu, Stanford University, USA

                         Stem Cells and Genomics for Precision Medicine


11:40               Meritxell Huch, Gurdon Institute, UK

                         Hepatic Organoids for Understanding Liver Regeneration and Disease


12:00               Industry Three Minute Flash Presentations


                         Ajinomoto Health


                         Hitachi AP


 12:15               Lunch


                        Session 2: Drug Discovery and Therapeutics, Sponsored by bio-techne,

                        Moderator: Jorge Bezerra, CuSTOM, Cincinnati Children’s, USA


14:00             Ryuji Morizane, Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA

                        Kidney Organoids


14:20             Shuibing Chen, Weill Cornell Medicine, USA

                        3D Colon Organoids-based Disease Modeling and Drug Screening


14:40             Tatiana Karakasheva, University of Pennsylvania, USA

                         Patient-derived Organoids from Diagnostic Biopsies as a Pathway to     

                         Personalized Medicine in Esophageal Cancer


14:50               Scott Schachtele, bio-techne, Minneapolis, USA

                          Gaining Access to the Intestinal Epithelium: Converting Organoids to

                          MimEXTM GI           


15:00               Coffee Break


                         Session 3: Cell and Tissue Therapeutics, Sponsored by Thermo Fisher,

                         Moderator: Mertixell Huch, Gurdon Institute, UK


15:40               Fumihito Arai, Nagoya University, Japan

                         Micro-nano Mechatronics for Future Organoid Medicine


16:00               Michael Helmrath, CuSTOM, Cincinnati Children’s, USA

                          Translating Human Intestinal Organoids (HIOs)


16:20               Kevin D’Amour, Viacyte Inc., San Diego, USA

                          Development of Stem-Cell Derived, Islet Replacement for Type 1 Diabetes


16:40               Takanori Takebe, CuSTOM, Cincinnati Children’s, USA

                          Modeling Early Hepatogenesis Using Human iPSC Towards Organoid Medicine


17:00               Robert Horton, Thermo Fisher, USA

                          3D Cell Culture: Developing Better in Vitro Models for Drug Discovery &



17:30               Mixer and Hors d'oeuvres, Location T, 14th Floor 

                         Sponsored by STEMCELL Technologies 


18:30               Closing Remarks: Dr. Daniel von Allmen, Surgeon-in-Chief,

                         Senior Vice President, Surgical Services, Cincinnati

                         Children’s, USA