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Day 1 Thursday, October 18th, Sabin Auditorium

8:00                 Registration and Continental Breakfast


9:00                 Welcome and Logistics

                           Dr. Margaret Hostetter, BK Rachford Professor, Chief Medical Officer,      

                           Chair of Pediatrics, Director, Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation,



                           Aaron Zorn, Director, CuSTOM, Cincinnati Children’s, USA


9:15                 Keynote Speaker

                         Kazutoshi Takahashi, Kyoto University, Japan/Gladstone Institute, USA

                        Human Endogenous Retrovirus in Pluripotency


                       Session 1: Modeling Development and Disease, Sponsored by STEMCELL

                       Technologies, Moderator: Samantha Brugmann, CuSTOM Cincinnati

                       Children’s,  USA


10:00            Minoru Takasato, RIKEN, BDR, Japan

                       3-D Kidney Organoids to Model Renal Morphogenesis


10:20             Jason Spence, University of Michigan, USA

                       Interrogating Basal Stem Cell Differentiation in the Human Lung


10:45             Laurent David, University of Nantes, France

                       Pseudo-time Modeling and Time-lapse Imaging Reveals the Dynamics of 

                       EPI/TE Specification of Human Preimplantation Development


10:55              Miki Ebisuya, EMBL Barcelona/RIKEN, Japan

                         Human Time vs. Mouse Time in Segmentation Clock Organoids


11:05              Philipp Kramer, STEMCELL Technologies, Canada

                        New Tools for the Generation and Culture of 3D Organoids


11:15               Coffee Break


                       Session 2: Biofabrication and Tissue Engineering, Sponsored by RIKEN,

                       Moderator: Minoru Takasato, RIKEN, Kobe Japan


11:35               Shoji Takeuchi, University of Tokyo, Japan

                        Cell Fiber Technology for 3D Cell Culture


11:55               Rio Sugimura, Kyoto University, Japan

                        Forward Engineering Human Hematopoietic Stem Cell Development


12:15              Jerome Guicheux, Nantes University, France

                       Stem Cells and Biomaterials for the Regenerative Medicine of Intervertebral 

                       Disc: “When Tissue Engineers Meet Developmental Biologists”


12:25             Eben Alsberg, Case Western Reserve University, USA

                       Controlling Spatiotemporal Signals in High-Density Culture Systems for

                       Engineering Complex Tissue


12:35               Industry Three Minute Flash Presentations

                         AGC Inc.

                         Nissan Chemical

                         RORZE Lifesciences

                         TamaiKasei Co. LTD


12:50               Lunch, Industry Displays, and Networking


                         Session 3: Frontiers of Bioprinting Technology, Sponsored by Cyfuse,

                         Moderator: Takanori Takebe, CuSTOM Cincinnati Children’s, USA   


14:00               Koichi Nakayama, Saga University, Japan

                         Scaffold-free Bio-3D Printing for Solid Organ Fabrication


14:20               Moo-Yeal Lee, Cleveland State University, USA

                         Microarray 3D Bioprinting for Organoid Culture


14:40               Keitaro Matsumoto, Nagasaki University, Japan

                          Artificial Trachea and Esophagus Using Bio-3D Printer “Regenova”


15:00              Yoshihiro Ito, RIKEN, Japan

                          Design of 3D Scaffold by Photo-reactive Biological Macromolecules and

                          Adhesive Growth Factors


15:10               Industry Three Minute Flash Presentations


                         Nacalai Tesque

                         JTEC Corporation


15:30               Coffee Break


                         Session 4: Emerging Leaders in Stem Cell and Organoid Medicine,

                         Moderator: Aaron Zorn, CuSTOM Cincinnati Children’s, USA


16:00               Kyle Loh, Stanford University, USA

                           A Roadmap for Human Tissue Progenitor Development from Pluripotent Stem



16:20               Jorge Munera, Medical University of South Carolina, USA

                          Co-development of Hemogenic Endothelium in hPSC Derived Colonic



16:40               Mingxia Gu, Stanford University, USA

                          iPSC Disease Modeling: Toward Therapeutic Discovery


17:00               Jason Tchieu, Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute New York, USA

                          A Multi-culture Platform to Investigate Non-neuronal Contribution to Disease


17:20               Nozomu Takata, Northwestern University, USA

                         Molecular Identification and Cell-type Specific Signatures of Optic Vesicle

                         Primordium at a Single Cell Resolution


18:15               Shuttle 1 to Dinner from Location S, Research Pavilion

18:45              Shuttle 2 to Dinner from Location S, Research Pavilion

18:45              Dinner at American Sign Museum, Sponsored by STEMCELL Technologies